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Hello and Welcome

Thank you for desire to get more information about one of the greatest churches this side of Heaven. It is our pleasure to  have new visitors to our website. We aim to meet all people where they are and do what we have been called to do; to help you along this journey. It is our sincere desire to partner with you in any way we can to strengthen you for the task of ministry and whatever lies ahead.

There is a map shown below that will help you to navigate your way to St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church. Our service times and upcoming events are strategically placed on the website to keep you informed on scheduled activities.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have using the contact form below.

We would be even more delighted to see you in one of our services. We just love each other and we love you, All of our Father’s children.

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To request a meeting with Pastor Alexander or to have Pastor speak at an event,  Please click on the button to the right and fill out a short form.  Someone from the church will contact you when they have received and reviewed your request.

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